You’ve read the parenting books, the mommy blogs and the motherhood quotes.

You know that motherhood is a privilege, a blessing, the most beautiful thing…

And yet sometimes, it feels so tiring, frustrating and full of crazy making…

But you don’t need advice. You don’t need someone telling you what to do or not to do.

Sometimes you just want to know you’re not alone.

That someone is sharing the same simple joys or experiencing the same struggles as you.

You want to feel encouraged, inspired and uplifted to keep going.

During the good days.

But most especially during the bad.

When in the dark of night, the voice in your head keeps echoing:

“You’re failing… You’re the worst mom in the world.”

All you want to hear is:

“You’re doing okay. You got this. Tomorrow is another day.”

I’m here to be that voice for you.

Because deep in your heart, you hold infinite love that goes beyond the moon and back.

In your soul, you are the best mom your children are so lucky to have.

No one can give them what you have to offer.

Because no one can love them more like you do.


Mothering Soul is a safe space for women like you who want to feel peace, ease, joy and love because of — even, in spite of — motherhood.

When you’re looking for…

  • encouragement to practice mindfulness and intention as you raise your children.
  • empowerment to stay present in your children’s lives and
  • inspiration to find the miracles in the mundane happenings of daily life

…this sanctuary is for you.

So come on in, put your feet up and stay awhile.

Have a cup of coffee (or tea) and share the journey with me.

About Jayme

Hi, I’m Jayme and I’m the mom behind Mothering Soul.

Eight years ago, I started writing a blog about being a positive parent and intentional mom. And while I still believe in the power of positivity and intention, I have grown to learn that motherhood takes so much more than that.

I created Mothering Soul to share stories that reflect the lifetime journey of being the mother my soul intended me to be.

Since I gave birth to my girls, I’ve given up on being the perfect mom.

But every day, I intend to be intentional, mindful and present as I raise them into the wonderful human beings they were meant to be.

To practice gratitude

To find miracles.

As you read my stories, I intend you’ll feel less alone in your own journey.

When you feel so inspired, let’s stay connected. You’re always welcome to share your journey with me.