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When you're feeling behind and unaccomplished

A love letter for the times when you feel you’re not doing enough

It’s the beginning of May and you might be wondering where the months have gone. You’re almost at the year’s halfway mark and you might be feeling a little behind.

You take out your goals list and bring out the weighing scale. And you measure not just the weight of your body but the weight of your accomplishments.

You might be disappointed at what you see. The body is still seemingly heavy, yet the efforts weigh extremely light.

And you decide, this is not enough. You are not enough.

I want to lift your head up, hold your hand, look you in the eye and tell you, “Look at how far you’ve come.”

When you turn to look back at all the months you felt were wasted, I want to gently turn your face to the present and congratulate you for being here today.

For waking up this morning, ready to savor the joys of having children as well as to bravely face the daily challenges motherhood brings.

When you look down at the scale and you size up the arms that still seem flabby and the legs that still seem wiggly, I want you to look up and see how beautiful you are.

I want to say a blessing for your body that allows you to personify love.

Bless those arms that hug, comfort, cuddle and nourish those lovely souls entrusted to your care.

Bless those legs that run to them, walk with them and take them to places that go far beyond their imagination.

Even if you feel you have not done much, I know you did what you can. And that is enough.

You don’t need to prove yourself to anybody. You never needed to.

Because you are enough.

As a new month begins, intend to be truly present and be in the now.

Whenever you see yourself in the mirror, may you feel blessed for who you are now.

Whenever you look around you, may you be filled with gratitude for what you have now.

Whenever you think about all the things you haven’t done or the things you still want to do, may you feel fulfillment for what you have accomplished now.

Know that the past is gone and, unless you allow it, it can never define you.

And even if what the future holds is still unknown, know that what matters is the journey you’re making with every step you take, right now.

Right here for you,